Attendee disclaimer

Jigsaw Dating Attendee Disclaimer

We strive to create a fun and inclusive environment for singles to meet at our events. However, due to the nature of online registration and varying attendance rates, we cannot guarantee a perfect balance between genders at every event.

Here's what to acknowledge before purchasing a ticket:

  • Demand Fluctuation: We receive registrations from a diverse pool of singles, but the number of men and women interested in a particular event may vary.
  • No Shows: Unfortunately, some registered attendees may not show up on the day of the event. This can affect the final gender ratio.

We are constantly working on improving our event formats and monitoring gender ratios to encourage a more balanced experience. However, we want to be transparent with you about the possibility of gender imbalance at any given event.

By purchasing a ticket, you acknowledge and accept that the gender ratio at the event may not be perfectly balanced.

We focus on creating a fun and engaging atmosphere for everyone, regardless of gender. Our events offer many opportunities for interaction and mingling.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us before purchasing a ticket. 

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